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DOOR - Tile, stained
glass on curved
industrial steel 6'x2.5'
Private Collection
of Carl Schlichting

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I am Rabi'a, born in Holland during the war, one of 8 kids. My family immigrated in 1958 and I arrived in Canada on my 15th birthday. Early in life I easily fell in love with colours and texture, shape and design.

My earliest passion was batik. Then I graduated to stained glass. As I homesteaded at that time in the far north and lived without electricity, it was challenging at best. Then came watercolour. All of them life changing experiences. At one point, I strongly felt that Adobe Photoshop was THE art tool of choice.

My latest passion is mosaics - colour, colour, colour! Again, this changed my life - enough to send me to Barcelona to see the work of a master of mosaics, the late Anthony Gaudi. Now nothing is safe from my lusting eye - rocks, walls, rusty bits of metal, dishes, tiles, ploughshares, mirrors, windows, bowls and pots, even the kitchen sink.

Most of my materials are recycled, including glass, tiles and broken bottles from the dumpster. Oh, the joys of roaming the valley creek beds for river rocks with a natural perfection that sends my heart beating faster, or visiting the local scrap metal dump for treasures.

Scrounging is a fun part of the process. My sculptural mosaic pieces are happy to be out in gardens and weather. They show up beautifully in the changing natural light during the day. The pieces also love to be indoors. As all the beginnings of my mosaics are dictated by the whims of the universe, what kind and shape of rocks I find, what rusty bit of industrial metal catches my eye, every piece is delightfully unique, never to be repeated.

You may see my work in my home and garden-gallery at the "Artful Lodger", where I have two lovely straw bale guest cottages for rent set in exquisite gardens.


To purchase any of my art work, please email me at:

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#1. Coloured glass-china-gold mirror on natural stone

Price: $250

#2. Tile-mirror-stained glass on plough share

Price: $290

#3. Precious stone-stained glass-china on natural stone

Price: $390

#4. Earth and sky tile-stained glass on 45 gallon drum lid


#5. Tile-dishes and mirror inside spinner or nose cone for small aircraft

Price: $350 - (SOLD)

#6. Stained glass and mirror on natural stone

Price: $290

#7. Carved natural stone

Price: $250

#8. Stained glass and mirror on industrial steel , three sided - 20x18


#9. iridescent glass on natural pyramid stone - 12"

Price: $400

#10. Taurus, tile-gold mirror, stained glass on alluminum - 34"

Price: $420

#11. Mirror on many faceted stone - 10"

Price: $125

#12. Madonna - iridescent glass set flush in natural stone - 8"


#13. Tile-mirror, inside industrial alluminum basin - 24"

Price: $160 - (SOLD)

#14. Iridescent glass on light bulb - 10"

Price: $280

#15. Glass on glass, old framed window - 22"x28"

Price: $125 - (SOLD)

#16. Iridescent glass -mirror on natural stone - 8"


#17. Glass on glass with peacock, commissioned windows


#18. Iridescent glass-mirror on natural stone - 14"

Price: $350

#19. Farm implement, disker - stands 36"

Price: $1490

#20. Lolly-pop, iridescent glass-mirror on steel - 10"x4"


#21. Enamel sink


#22. "Life saver" mirror and irredescent glass on industrial steel ,with stand,ĂŠapproximately 24"

Price: $260

#23. Mirror and irredescent glass on steel enameled backing, reflecting wild yarrow - 15" X 16"

Price: $175 - (SOLD)

#24. Mirror and irredescent glass on natural stone, stands approx. 10" high


#25. 5" X 12" windows set in straw bale wall in the home of Carl Schlichting


#26. Individual window in strawbale wall - see #25


#27. "Colours Alive" coloured glass on tempered glass. 34" x 64"

Price: $1200

#28. "Woman of Steel" glass and mirror on steel 9' tall

Price: $2200 - (SOLD)


#29. "Self Portrait of the Artist" glass on steel 10' tall

Price: $2500 - (SOLD)

(#'s 28 & 29) "Woman of Steel" and "Self Portrait of the Artist" together

#30. "Round-a-bout" sculptural garden piece also serves as dinner or retreat gong. Glass and mirror on steel 3'x3'

Price: $850

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